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The Childrenspace Faculty

Besides providing a warm, welcoming and comfortable physical environment, we also believe that children learn best in a nurturing, stable and supportive emotional environment.  Continuity of care in early childhood programs is extremely important in providing an ongoing atmosphere of safety and caring. Sherry Horowitz created Childrenspace in 1979, and has been directing the program, and co-teaching ever since. Over the years, Childrenspace has been very successful in attracting and retaining teachers who know the importance of creating strong and enduring relationships with each and every child.  The Childrenspace teaching team is comprised of the Director, 4 full time teachers, 2 part-time teachers, and one substitute teacher.  Although they  bring diverse skills and talents to the team, they share a commitment to honor children, to stimulate, encourage and support them, and to delight in their curiosity, growth and independence.  They are the dedicated professionals who embody and actualize our educational philosophy on a daily basis!  All 6 members of the teaching team have either two or four year degrees and/or years of experience teaching preschool. The most senior teacher at Childrenspace has taught in the program for 15 years, while our most recent team member is approaching her 2nd anniversary.  Childrenspace maintains a low child-staff ratio to maximize teaching opportunities and personal relationships.


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