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The Childrenspace Curriculum

The Childrenspace day follows a regular schedule, as young children feel most comfortable knowing what comes next! Each day includes time for quiet activities, like reading, puzzles and games, meal times, individual activities, rest time, small group activities, outdoor time and large group activities. We offer a full, developmental curriculum which includes language arts, mathematical concepts, science, art, music, dramatic play, social learning, self-help skills, respect for others, and community building.

We like to investigate subjects across a wide range of disciplines, and for time periods long enough to satisfy our curiosity, our interest, and our need to know. For example, we created a pond habitat at Childrenspace, and introduced frog eggs and salamander eggs. We watched as the eggs hatched, and little tadpoles and baby salamanders filled the tank. Over time, we observed changes in the tadpoles; first they grew front legs, then back legs, and then their tails disappeared! As they turned into frogs, we created a separate habitat, one that had both land and water areas so that the frogs could enjoy both. During the time that this transformation was taking place, we decided to learn about other creatures that live in the water; fish, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. We took our study into the arts and crafts area, and used multiple materials to make puffer fish (papier-mache), clown fish (paint and scissors), starfish (paint, scissors, and glitter!), and eels (fabric, needles, and embroidery thread), just to name a few. We read many books about underwater life, about the different water habitats on the planet (oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds) and which creatures live where. We also learned songs and dances featuring fish. At the end of our study, we released the frogs and salamanders at the Duck Pond in Croton, and mounted an exhibit of our underwater creatures at the Croton Free Library! It was a very satisfying and very organic experience. We learned because we wanted to know!


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