Little girl reading book
Girl in a costume
Girl playing clay

The Childrenspace Program

The Childrenspace program is deeply rooted in an appreciation of, and a respect for, the whole child. We are committed to a child-centered, developmentally appropriate curriculum where all activities reflect both the age-appropriate skills and abilities of our students as well as their individual talents, interests and preferences. Since we are dealing with an age range, all of our activities are carefully chosen and modified so that each child can experience success on his or her level. When the goal is to teach the whole child, cognitive development goes hand in hand with physical activity, social learning and community building. The curriculum is designed to promote and foster self-expression, discovery learning, independent choice and active involvement. Whether children are painting on the easel, constructing a complicated train track, building a zoo for the animals, "reading" to themselves or to each other on the couch, playing a game with their friends, making a "list" book, pretending to be an astronaut in a dramatic play scenario, or riding tricycles on the blacktop, they are fully engaged in their own learning.

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